“I started working with Katie in February 2016. I sought out a personal trainer because I found myself spending all day binge watching TV series and had no motivation. Those days are behind me! Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy lying on the couch with remote in hand, but I now find myself itching to get outside for a run before I turn on the box. 

Working with Katie has given me this motivation. I have hit all my targets and started setting new ones. She has given me the motivation and education to make healthy life style choices. 

The gym can be a daunting place when you don’t know what to do. You may think that you are expected to run on a treadmill staring in to space for an hour and that is a work out. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Katie has taught me how to work out in a way that suits me and made it enjoyable. She has a wealth of knowledge in technique, different types of training, nutrition and equipment to name a few. She also makes you feel very comfortable and we have a lot of fun and laugh so much that I can’t figure out if it’s the workout or laughing that hurts my stomach!

 I can’t thank her enough for teaching me how to become a happier healthier me.” (Layla Sinclair, Orkney)


Katie is quite simply a born personal trainer…she’s fun, motivated, dedicated, down to earth, energetic, inspirational and hardworking!! Katie was my personal trainer for around 6 months before I got pregnant and she moved abroad. In around 4 weeks of training 2-3 times weekly I’d dropped a dress size and was visibly slimmer and more toned…I lost inches, people commented – that felt good and I felt great. It’s actually the only form of exercise I’ve truly enjoyed in about 10 years and she worked me damn hard but I didn’t mind because we had so much fun doing it. Easy to talk to and fun, I instantly clicked with Katie and wanted to work hard in our sessions which she mixed up constantly so I wouldn’t get bored. Now I’ve had my baby I’m gutted Katie isn’t in Edinburgh as I’d use her again in a second…Orkney – you’ve bagged yourself a superb PT!!! Best of luck Katie! (Rebecca Richmond, Edinburgh)


“I have been working with Katie for the couple of months and have found her very professional, motivational and full of fun. I started off by attending her spin classes at KGS which I found challenging and the best spin sessions I’ve been to. I have recently lost my mum and am struggling with grief and low motivation. I’m a 44 year old female and totally clueless when it comes to the gym. Katie has worked with me to educate and motivate me through the last few weeks. She’s takes her role very seriously and probably cares more than she needs to. I would have no problem recommending her to anyone I know. Keep up the good work Katie you’re an inspiration.” (Karen, Orkney)

“Katie was great to work with. She is very inspirational and will make you work hard and get results, but you will enjoy her enthusiasm which is contagious.” (Robert Buchan, Edinburgh)

“Working out with Katie made a big difference to both my shape and wellbeing.  She was highly skilled at motivating me to challenge what I thought were my limits and helping me achieve visible results in a short space of time. Whilst working out at the gym is not my favourite thing (an understatement!), I looked forward to my sessions with Katie and appreciated how she made the sessions fun and never let me get away with anything but my best effort. I recommend her highly.” (Helen Young, Edinburgh) 

 “I cannot recommend Katie (Raff Fit) enough! Katie has introduced me to a totally new lifestyle since I began training with her in April, both in personal training sessions, spin classes, and more recently her Boot Camp and Box Fit classes. Before training with Katie I focused solely on long-distance running, but have noticed a huge increase in my strength and fitness levels since doing HIIT and resistance training. I would never have had the confidence to even try lifting unless Katie had got me to give it a go in our training sessions… and I absolutely love it! Katie’s classes and training sessions are always fun, always getting me to try out new exercises which complement my running, and are challenging – always pushing you that little further. Katie’s knowledge of diet and nutrition has also been a huge benefit to me. Having recently designed a meal/nutritional plan for me, Katie has taken away the stress I associate with food, and helped me move past the fad diets to an understanding of nutrition. But Katie’s work has gone beyond nutrition and fitness, I am in a much better place mentally. Those closest to me have commented on the positive change my new healthy and structured lifestyle has brought about. I am more focused in my work, confident, able to handle the immense pressure and stress that comes with doctoral research, A LOT less ill-tempered, and, most importantly, I feel genuinely fulfilled.” (Siobhan, Orkney)

“Katie is committed to her groups and knows everyone’s name and uses it throughout class making a group class feel special. Instructions are always clear and Katie has an infectious enthusiasm which everyone loves. Exercising in the fresh air is a pleasure and never a chore, high five for Bootcamp (Patricia, Orkney)

“When I signed up to her 8 week Bootcamp class back in April of this year, I had completely fallen off the fitness band wagon; I was in recovery after having had acute pancreatitis, I felt low, weak and was the most unfit I’d ever felt. Well… fast forward 6 months and I have just signed up for my 4th block of Bootcamp as well as a weekly boxing class. I’m not looking for sympathy or well dones from anyone, I only want folk to know how awesome this Personal Trainer is – and for anyone with any doubts about not being able to do these sort of classes – if I can – anyone can! So come along folks, sign up – I promise you won’t regret it. As for Katie – thank you and I hope you know what a star you are 🌟 (Serena, Orkney)